Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunny beach on the Black Sea - BULGARIA

Dear reader,

Do you still wonder where to go in Bulgaria during the summer?

Sunny beach is the biggest resort, with the longest and widest beach strip, with hotels spread along the beach and among the dunes, the sunniest resort for the sunniest people.

This fine beach resort was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag International prize for proven ecological advantages.
Sunny Beach has more than 100 hotels, 2 campsites, over 130 catering establishments: restaurants, taverns with folklore shows, bars with floor shows, night clubs, casino, discos and cafes, providing culinary pleasures and a good mood. Every conceivable opportunity for sports: surfing, water skis and parachutes, hang-gliding and banana, sailing, yachts, paddle boats, cutters, scooters, rowboats, tennis courts, beach volleyball, playing grounds, mini-golf, skittle alley, bowling, riding ground, fitness halls, sports tournaments for amateurs and professionals.

A genuine children's paradise - plenty of fun and games, children pools, slides, carting, Rolba water slide, inflatable trampoline, sport schools. In addition: special discounts, children's menus, 24-hour kindergarten, etc. You can find - a wide semi-circular bay facing east an over 8 km long beach strip, 30-60 m wide fine golden sand, natural dunes ,a clean and gently sloping sea no dangerous fish 1700 hours of sunshine from May through September. - The average daily temperature in summer is 27°C.

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  2. Could recommended a lot nicer places than Sunny Beach. Lots of car hire places in and around Sunny Beach but the coaches are great for getting around the country - clean, modern, cheap. Trains are also ok but take forever.

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